Our Management Team

Audrey Depault

Audrey Dépault - National Manager

Audrey joined the Climate Reality Canada team in April 2009, as the Climate Leadership Coordinator, and was selected to spearhead the organization in 2013. She completed her graduate studies in Environmental Management at Sherbrooke University and her undergraduate studies in Political Science at Concordis University.

She has animated numerous workshops on greenhouse gas quantification for businesses, as well as other educational activities for youth and adult audiences. Her resume also includes management and board positions in various not-for-profit organizations, such as the Arts and Science Federation of Associations at Concordia University, Youth Action Montreal, and the Concordia Volunteer Abroad Program. In 2010, she contributed to a PhD research conducted in Uganda and Burundi, on the role of the media in peace building, as a research assistant.

Audrey Depault

Matthew Chapman - Campaign Coordinator

Matthew joined the Climate Reality team as Campaign Coordinator in April 2016. His experience in the fields of fine arts, education and international business have shaped his understanding of the challenges and opportunities our society and civilisation face. He is passionate about making sure Canada lives up to its renewable potential and begins a meaningful transition towards healthier, more efficient, and more sustainable future.

Audrey Depault

Émilie Campbell-Renaud - Volunteer Engagement Coordinator

Émilie joined the ranks of the climate ambassadors during the 2010 training in Nashville. At that time, she was already part of the Climate Reality team, working as a research Intern; but she wished to deepen her involvement towards a cause that was, and remains, dear to her. 


Since then, she has completed her Bachelor’s of Political Science and International Relations at McGill, as well as a Master’s of Environment at Université de Sherbrooke. Passionate about international issues and their power to mobilize forces, she has lead various workshops and managed several projects focused on sustainable development, particularly on the topics of water bank protection, responsible waste management and drinking water conservation. 


She is constantly seeking new challenges, especially those that will allow her to combine her passion for sustainable development with her management and leadership skills. 

Audrey Depault

Esther Perrin - Communications Consultant

As The Climate Reality Project Canada's Communications Consultant, Esther will be managing our media and social media campaigns. Esther recently graduated from McGill University with a Political Science major and Economics. Her resume includes experience as an editor and chief of section at McGill’s french speaking newspaper, Le Délit.

During the day, Esther works as the Executive Administrative Assistant with NewCities, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting sustainable urban development.

She is passionate about women's rights and environmental policy and advocacy in Canada and the rest of the world, and is eager to participate in the movement for progress! 

(Photo credit: Vittorio Pessin)

Audrey Depault

Roland Selinger - Research Intern

Roland is a recent McGill graduate with a major in International Development. In previous opportunities he has done research in the fields of health and human rights. His current interests lie in environmental policy, with aspirations to work in conflict resolution later on. He has been working with Climate Reality since January, 2017.