Lisen Bassett


McGill University

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


I am currently studying Law at McGill University, having completed an undergraduate degree at McGill in 2014 in Honours Philosophy and Environmental Studies. My Honours thesis was an exploration of the rights of nature as well as our duties to the earth and its ecosystems. I have grown up camping by the ocean every summer and have developed a passionate love for marine life. I hope someday to be a voice for the oceans and all marine life within them. I see lawyers and politicians as having an important role in the environmental movement. In 2012, I completed an internship at Climate Reality Project Canada and afterwards was trained and certified as a Climate Reality Project Presenter. Thus far, I have specialized in presentations to students and youth; one of which was featured in a Climate Reality Project Canada video. I am currently the Secretary of Climate Reality Project Canada's Board of Directors and the Climate Leadership Corps Coordinator. At McGill, I was appointed to the Sustainability Projects Fund Working Group, as one of two undergraduate representatives. The Working Group consists of professors and students and we discuss and fund a variety of exciting sustainability focused projects on campus. My hope is that projects like Climate Reality will create a trend in learning and action. We don't all need to understand every detail of climate science in order to take action and change our ways. It is not only big business owners who are to blame. It is not only politicians who can repair the damage being done. It is not only scientists who understand the need for action. We are each part of the problem. We can each be part of the solution. Our home is in danger and we, as part of the human family, must come together to save it.