Candace Labelle

Sustainability Program Director

CSC Canada

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Candace lives in Ottawa, Ontario where she is employed as Sustainability Director for CSC, a large IT Outsourcing company. Her program, "GreenWay" was launched in June of 2008 with the goal of developing and implementing a short and long term corporate environmental and sustainability strategy. Through this program, CSC is working to reduce the environmental footprint of their global operations supporting 92,000 employees in over 80 countries.In the spring of 2008, Candace was selected as a trainee of Al Gore, to present the slideshow featured in the Academy Award-winning film An Incovenient Truth, becoming one of ~2500 individuals world wide. Candace delivers presentations updated with Canadian content and a solutions focus, to various local audiences on a volunteer basis to help raise awareness about the climate crisis, and inspire action toward change.In May 2009, Candace renewed her commitment to update her training and do more presentations through attending another workship with Mr. Gore, David Suzuki and other scientists and environmental experts in Nashville TN.