Doug Fraser

Science Teacher and textbook author


Haileybury, Ontario, Canada


Doug is retired high school science teacher. In addition to teaching, he has co-authored a number of high school science and biology textbooks for Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia with Nelson Education. Doug's passion for biodiversity has inspired him to visit the tropics on numerous occasions to explore rainforests and coral reefs. He has organized and supervised student trips to Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, the Amazon, and the Galapagos Islands.In September 2008, Doug participated in the Cape Farewell Youth Expedition to the Arctic. 20 students from around the world joined scientists, artists, and educators to observe and document first hand evidence of climate change. In February of 2011 Doug accompanied two Canadian students to Japan for a Youth Climate Champion conference.Doug was the recipient of the 2009 Premier's Lifetime Achievement Award in Teaching Excellence.


Science Education, biology


Environmental issues


Scuba diving